The Menu


14 Types of menu will be available everyday in our Hot Food Display. (Other menus are subject to Availability)

Rendang Padang (Beef Rendang)

Dendeng Balado (Spicy Beef Jerky)

Asam Padeh Daging (Spicy Sour Beef)

Gulai Iga Sapi (Ox Ribs Curry)

Gulai Kambing (Mutton Curry)

Gulai Tunjang (Ox Leg Curry)

Gulai Otak Sapi (Ox Brain Curry)

Gulai Gazebo (Assorted Gravy Beef Curry)

Paru Goreng Kering (Fried Ox Lung)

Kalio Daging (Lemon Grass Beef Curry)

Ikan Goreng Balado (Chili Fried Fish)

Asam Padeh Ikan (Spicy Sour Fish)

Gulai Kepala Ikan (Fish Head Curry)

Telor Balado (Chili Boiled Eggs)

Telor Dadar Balado (Egg Omelete Chili)

Telor Ceplok Balado (Fried Egg Chili)

Ayam Goreng (Traditional Fried Chicken)

Gulai Ayam (Padang Chicken Curry)

Ayam Sambal Ijo (Green Chili Chicken)

Ayam Kalio (Lemon Grass Curry Chicken)

Udang Goreng (Fried Prawns)

Udang Balado (Chili Prawns)

Gulai Nangka (Jack Fruit Curry)

Sayur Daun Singkong (Cassava Leaf Curry)

Sayur Caysim (Stir Fry Mustard Leaf)

And Many More..

Please note: Everyday menu will be various, please check our food display.


Special Dishes are only available on particular days, please contact the restaurant to confirm

Ayam Pop

Sate Padang

Soto Padang

Ketupat Sayur

Soto Mie

Bakso Tenis Salero

And Many More...